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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Men, By A Man

February 1st, 2011 3 Comments

–by Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy Stylist

Valentine’s Day can be daunting, especially when you’re shopping for your man who just so happens to be difficult to shop for.  Here are a few of my favorite Valentine ideas for all levels of income and all levels of relationship.

1.  Keep it sweet and simple.  If you’re just getting to know someone and Valentine’s Day is popping up, you might not be ready for all the hullabaloo the holiday encourages.  So keep it simple – really simple.  Think a king size of his favorite candy bar or a bag of his favorite gummies.  Pair it with a card that isn’t too corny, and you have the perfect gift that shows you’re interested, you pay attention, and you’re excited to see where this goes.  Plus, if food is the way to a man’s heart, then candy must be the expressway. Note: I actually gave and received this gift last V-day, so it’s definitely a charmer. (Get a five pound bag of assorted 12 gourmet flavored gummy bears from A Candy Store for $13.99)

2.  Think timeless. I think in today’s age, watches are overlooked as both a style item and a great gift.  So many people rely on their cell phones to tell time, but there’s something charming about a man who wears a watch.  And when that watch has a classic flair to it, I simply melt.  You might have to do some digging to find a good style at the right price, but it can be done. This 1940’s inspired watch from the Timex Original line is generic enough to look great with any man’s style, but sharp enough to get noticed. (Prices range from $95-110)

3.  Embrace his hobbies.  Go with what you know about him.  Put together a collection of gifts that center on a theme.  For example, this tin sign for him to hang in his garage would go great with tickets to a car show.  The same can be said with sports tickets and caps or other paraphernelia.  Be creative. Nothing is more romantic than when someone clearly puts thought into their gift.  (Sign can be found at RetroPlanet for $19.99)

4.  Go go gadget gift.  For the guy who has everything, buy him something they didn’t even know existed.  I love finding new gadgets and, better yet, I love the novelty of receiving a gadget, particularly one like makes my life easier.  Check out the KeyTool from TrueUtility.  It transforms a regular house key into everything from two different sized screwdrivers to a pair of tweezers.  Perfect for the guy who likes to explore, you can pair this with a weekend of camping or, if he’s more directionally challenged, a GPS.  Order fast if you’re interested – TrueUtility is a company based out of Great Britain, though they have reasonable shipping and their prices convert easily.  So much cooler than a pocket knife. (The KeyTool currently costs $8.01)

5.  Wrap it up. One thing that ruins a gift for me is cheesy wrapping.  I, like Maria Von Trapp, love brown paper packages tied up with strings.  Your guy doesn’t need the frill of red wrapping paper plastered in little hearts with a big fluffy pink bow.  I think that Valentine’s Day is already enough over the top that a simple wrap job will do.  And one last note: when shopping for your gift, avoid anything directly from the Valentine’s aisle in the store: no satin boxers, no stuffed animals, and no heart shaped chocolate boxes.

And now, it’s time for me to wrap up this post.  Have fun with your thoughtfulness!  Pairing together several small gifts and possibly throwing in a big ticket item allows you to customize the gift to fit your relationship and your budget.

  • rose

    I always try to find something that he likes to do. So this
    year I bought him the Logitech Google TV. I purchased it through
    DISH Network where I work. Now it will combine a few of his
    favorite things to do. He can lounge around and watch his football
    while checking out his fantasy leagues at the same time all the TV.
    He won’t even have to get up to go the computer. I think he is
    going to love it.

  • Giselle

    If he likes travel (but can’t find a way to do it) I suggest toy travel… It a really unique idea and hell remember the gift forever! Stuffed in the City provides these toy tours in NYC and Florence Itsly and now, they have two special tours in each city specifically for Valentines Day!! Check it out here http://bit.ly/w9p3X3