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A pleasant surprise

February 3rd, 2011 3 Comments

I have a few girlfriends in Houston who profess their love for Starbucks EVERY morning.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t pass judgement.  To each her own.  But I will contest that whatever alternative you have at your disposal will be much more satisfying.

Yesterday running errands in the Galleria, I decided to hit up Teavana, the herbal tea store around the corner from Starbucks.  I know absolutely nothing about tea blends, but I figured they could whip up a warm, yummy concoction.  I told the guy, “I want something hearty and not too sweet.”  He busted out the Cocoa Praline Tart blend and I was instantly sold. With no added sugar, syrups or milk, he made me a delicious chocolately tea in 5 minutes.  Much better than a nonfat mocha on so many levels!

All of that being said, I opt for a bottled water over Starbucks…which is obviously healthier.

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  • Heidi

    “Disposle?” SO embarrassing Mary.

  • Heidi

    You could at least acknowledge your readers when you correct a mistake.

    • Heidi, I appreciate your efforts in editing and commenting.

      I hope the reason you come here is because you enjoy reading the posts. Although your tone suggests otherwise.

      I encourage and appreciate constructive criticism that pertains to the content. However, I really don’t think your tone needs to be so aggressive. I read your comment, changed my “embarrassing” mistake, and moved on. The reason I didn’t respond is because I will not be taunted for a reaction, which you so obviously wanted. Well, here is it. So now I hope you can continue with your day with a focus on being kind and positive.