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Five Healthy Superbowl Snacks Everyone Will Enjoy

February 3rd, 2011 1 Comment

— By Nutritionista

The one question my clients have been asking over and over again this week is, “But what can I eat at my Superbowl party?!” Not being a football fan myself, I understand that for some people, the most redeeming part of the Superbowl tradition is, in fact, the food. Chips, burgers, beer… all staples at every Superbowl party I’ve attended.

But you know what comes next: That stuff  is just plain bad for you. Here’s the good news, though: There are plenty of delicious things you can bring to your Superbowl party that will be adored by health-lovers and food-lovers alike. You’ll feel like you’re indulging, but you’ll know you’re actually on the health up-and-up. Win-win! So here are five dishes to consider for this Sunday:

1) Easiest guacamole with dippers.

Easiest guac is, well, easy! Just combine a pre-made pico de gallo-type salsa with a few ripe avocados (you can use whatever proportion you like). If you’re feeling REALLY ambitious, add a squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt. Serve with veggies to dip (carrots, celery, bell pepper, and cuke are most dip-able). Hey, you can even bring a bag of tortilla chips for your not-so-health-conscious friends. Guac is yummy, easy, and full of amazing fat!

2) Chicken wings.

Okay, so, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Chicken wings are NOT unhealthy! As long as they’re not drenched in a syrupy-sweet sauce, they’re actually one of the better options at a traditional Superbowl food fest. A little bit of protein, a little bit of fat. What’s not to like? If you order out, ask for light sauce. If you make ’em yourself (recommended!), try this recipe from Alton Brown.

3) Kale chips.

Instead of potato or Dorito, try kale. No, really. These chips are BOMB! Don’t believe me? You’ll just have to make them yourself. For the perfect crispy, veggielicious, tastes-too-good-to-be-this-good-for-you treat, I always turn to kale chips.

4) Chicken skewers.

Sort of a prettier variation on wings, chicken skewers are also a fun finger food for the big game. The version pictured above is from this recipe, but really, you can go nuts with the seasoning. Make ’em spicy, Thai-flavored, or Italian. As long as it’s chicken on a stick, you can’t REALLY go wrong.

5) Steamed artichoke with butter sauce.

This is my absolutely favorite appetizer that I always forget about! So simple and SO good. Just steam a few artichokes (Mary actually wrote a post on all the different ways you can prepare them), and then whip up an easy dipping sauce of melted butter and a pinch of salt. People might look at you like you’re crazy for bringing such a big veggie to a Superbowl party, but once they try it, I think they’ll shut up.

  • Becky Lynn

    Last night I was sitting here stressing over what I could make for a superbowl party that was healthy … this is perfect! Thank you!