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Sweet and sour sounds GOOOOD right now

February 3rd, 2011 2 Comments

Refinery29 just posted a list of 8 authentic Chinese restaurants in NYC.

In my opinion Chinatown Brasserie is as far from “authentic” as you can get, but they do have a damn good crispy duck.

Chinese is a great way to keep warm too.  The closest we have in Houston is PF Chang’s.  So if you’re headed out of the house for a bite, break open some chopsticks for me.

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  • Meg

    There’s a yummy Chinese place (higher-end, somewhat fusion but grounded in Chinese) on Montrose across from Tarte. I think it’s called Tam? Or something to that effect. It has a big red awning and it’s next to a fancy salon, right before the bridge over 59. I’m not a big Chinese fan generally, but this place was awesome! :)

    • I know exactly which one you’re talking about and I always forget about it. Good to get a recc because it does look a little sketch. Kinda like Coco sushi on Westheimer at York. Looks a little off, but the rolls are awesome!