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The new Tootsies is OPEN in Houston

February 4th, 2011 No Comments

Only one month late (which is amazing by construction standards), Tootsies opened it’s doors this week in the West Ave development.  Unfortunately due to the ice, they’re closed today.  Totally stinks that they rushed to open and now they can’t actually open!

But you can take a look around the new place here.

Basically a beautiful new department store, equip with my favorite designers and a huge shoe section, just popped up in my basement.  It’s like putting a Sprinkles next to the gym!

The vaulted ceilings and spread out racks allow the clothes to sing in the space.  I would have updated the art deco aesthetic to be a little more contemporary, but overall it feels luxurious – more like a Neimans or Bergdorf than a boutique.

They’re still putting on the finishing touches, but all of the important stuff is in place :)

Tootsies is now carrying their own line of shoes too. Look forward to other exclusives in the store soon.

You’ll notice certain corners have been decked out with art.  This chandelier by Tony Duquette is stunning.

There’s a lot more to see, so you should really go for yourself.  Just make sure to set a budget before you walk in, and ask for my sweet momma, Terry, to help you!  She’s picked out some amazing stuff for me this year from Tootsies (ask her about Sachin + Bobi and Claudia Loboa jewelry – both affordable statement pieces I get tons of compliments on.)

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