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Valentine’s Day Bargin Shopping Guide

February 5th, 2011 2 Comments

I know you’re focused on the Super Bowl now and will worry about the upcoming Hallmark holiday at the last minute.  I thought I would get a head start and help point you in the right direction now rather than later.

Earn Miles For Being Thoughtful

Spend money on the gifts now and save money on travel later.

Airlines are offering mileage incentives when you buy from big brands via their websites for Valentine’s day.

Continental’ biggest deal is 50 points for every dollar spent at 1-800-Flowers.  And then you can check here to see the other brands – Gap, Godiva, Apple, etc. Delta is offering their big deals here.  Click through these links to get more miles for spa certificates and a romantic night/weekend at a hotelUnited is in on the action too.

Dig into my favorite bargain bin

Editor’s Closet

In Andrew’s gift guide for our guys, he posted about finding classic watches.  Editor’s Closet has been posting watch sales every week for the past month.  You can find some great styles and brands for 80% off.  I bought a watch here for my brother for Christmas for $50.

Sweet and simple


Definitely more a place to shop for girlfriends, you can find cute gesture gifts to show you care.  My intern found all of these for under $15.

(click on the image to go to the seller’s page)

Felt corsage

Cupcake candle

Pear candle

Teacup candle

Cedar candleholders


Turquoise Bead and Charm bookmark

Sterling Silver Personalized Tag bookmark

Monogrammed Luggage Tag

Metro Card Holder

Letterpress Notepad

Magnetic Mini Vase

Vintage Silver Spoon Engraved Ring

Personalized chocolate

Personalized chocolate


You can’t go wrong with a handmade gift on Valentine’s day because the effort really shows you care.  A few suggestions:

  1. Mixed CD or playlist via iTunes.
  2. Pottery vase or mug (you know it’s a cute idea)
  3. Cookies in a pretty jar
  4. Flower arrangement in a pretty vase (go to Marshall’s, Ross, or TJ Max for some really awesome ones under $15)
  5. Candies in individual baggies with bows.  My Texas Millionaires are ALWAYS a hit.
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    Mary, why don’t you spellcheck your posts? Honest question. I see such sloppy typos (Estsy?) that make me cringe. It makes you look like you don’t respect your intelligence/your readers.

  • Heidi

    Horrible typos in this post. How do you expect anyone to ever take you seriously?