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They’re baaaaack!

February 8th, 2011 4 Comments

Guess what!  Those oh-so-attractive Velcro rollers are making a comeback.  Stylists on photo shoots never stopped using them, but now they’re making their way back into your cabinets at home.  Well, I guess they don’t have to if you don’t buy them.  But many women are using them as an alternative to blowing out their hair with a brush.

For instance, Jordan Reid, the blogger behind RamShackleGlam (one of my favorite lifestyle blogs) has been posting about her new adoration for them.

My friend Kim’s hair always looks perfect.  She attributes her volume to the rollers too.

I have yet to try it out on myself, but apparently using them is really easy.

  1. Let your hair air dry until its just damp.
  2. Dry your hair completely with high heat.
  3. Brush out your hair.
  4. Section off a bunch of strands, pulling them straight away perpendicular to your head.
  5. Roll the hair around the roller, and secure it with a clip.
  6. Let your hair sit for at least 20 minutes to cool.

This should keep your roots standing up straight for a while.  When they fall, you can always use a comb to tease them and force them to stay up (like we do here in Texas).

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  • Stacey J.

    love Jordan’s blog! How did you two meet?

    • Jordan was the first new contributor to NonSociety after I left. We’ve only met a couple of times actually.

  • My mom always told me velcro rollers work the best! Can you
    show some after photos please? I need to learn how to do this

    • Check the front page of the blog today. I posted my test yesterday!! And Kim told me I needed 45 min to an hour with my fine hair.