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Fall in love with Lucite.

February 9th, 2011 1 Comment

Mary Note: I’m a huge fan of lucite!  So simple and sleek.  Ashleigh has some great tips here on how you can incorporate it on a large or small scale.

— By Ashleigh, MTM Interior Decorator

Lucite, also known by uglier names such as Acrylic and Polymethyl methacacrylate, is my little love muffin these days.  Once considered the material of the future back in the 70’s, when it first came to be popular, it is now used in such a myriad of ways because it’s so a versatile and dynamic.

Designer Tip

Seek out pieces that also include wood, metal, fabric, glass, and natural materials and you’ll see it adds a whole new depth and style.

In My Home

Over the holidays, while my father was here to help, I put up these lovely shelves in my bar area that were custom made for me locally.  They are 3/8″ thick Lucite with a polished edge.  I plan on wallpapering inside the bar but for the meantime, these shelves have made a world of difference.

I used Lucite wall brackets as well so that it has a seamless look to it.  For this project I used three brackets for each shelf, one on each side and one in the middle.  The total width of the shelf was 42″ so if you are going to try to do your own shelves I would suggest using more brackets along the back (long) edge if your shelves are longer than mine and also I would consider a thicker shelf.  I had my shelves made for me at Hastings Plastics here in LA.  I will update you when the wallpaper goes in!

Another Furstenberg With A Flare For Style

Alexandra von Furstenberg, a modern furniture designer, makes her pieces entirely of Acrylic.  I love the simple lines, bright colors and clean aesthetic of her work.  Certainly the daughter in law of the great Diane von Furstenberg has something of her own to say in the design world!

I love the sawhorse legs on this desk.  The black legs with smoky grey top would make such a statement in just about anybody’s office but I particularly can see this piece in a man’s study or top floor corner office.

This piece is so amazing as it is clear except for the hot pink face edge.  I have no idea how this is done as I have never seen anything like it.  Brilliant!

Who would not want to have dinner at this outstanding table?  The chairs would have to be equally chic.  I imagine something upholstered with a neon pop art fabric like those from Elitis!

The Starter Kit

Finally, a seemingly banal product, the lowly magazine holder has been brought to new standards of style and function with this Lucite Magazine File from The Container Store.  They have a large array of desk organizational products made in this line but I particularly like these as they make the storage of Mags look cool, easy to find and are non invasive.  For example, take a look at my office bookshelf where what you see really is the magazines, not the holder which was exactly my plan!

  • I love how the bar cabinet turned out! It looks lovely and adds so much storage.