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February 9th, 2011 4 Comments

Everyone always asks me, “so where are your hot single friends?”  I get it from girls and guys. Currently I have a winning record for setting up couples, but in the end, the relationships never lasted.  So to take the pressure off everyone, I decided to throw us all under one roof and see who makes out with a companion.  Or just makes out.

So it will be SINGLES ONLY.  No married wing man or happily committed people allowed!  Fingers crossed one of my friends brings some cutie pie I don’t know (although this is Houston, that’s highly unlikely).

I’m not going to blog the party, but for those of you trying to pull something like this off for a big group of people, I thought I would give you my resources and tips.

Paperless post invitations are a fraction on what you would spend on a similar printed invite and obviously easier to track RSVP’s.  I prefer them to Pingg and Evite too – just nicer looking.

Lexis is one of the best florists in Houston.  I could have saved some cash on doing the flowers myself, but since it’s a bigger party, I handed this task over to the pros.

No way I am skilled enough to cook for 50 so that was delegated as well.  The food I chose does not require servers which saves a TON of cash.  Service trays and warmers are included.  Always ask caterers if they have a menu like this.  With people cutting back on expense, this has become more prevalent in the industry.

Check back this weekend and I’ll update this post with pictures.

(Full Disclosure: All services paid for in full. No comps were made for this party.)

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  • Christine

    Great idea. A friend of mine did this for years and it
    actually morphed into a huge annual charity event. It was called
    the “no baggage ball”. Have fun.

  • Stacey J.

    I’d love to do that but how do you fit it into your budget to throw a catered party for 50? Even on a budget, that is a lot of cash for a single girl.

    • Co-hosts! We were all sitting around one night and thought it would be fun. Deal was if I planned it, a few people would chip in. So we agreed on a budget and went for it. It went really well! I could have never done it all by myself financially or physically. We had 2 staff people that helped make everything run so smoothly. Even though we only bought food and booze for 35 people, we still had so much left over. Today I’m taking it to the church to serve the people working on the renovations.