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My #NYFW weekend plans

February 11th, 2011 7 Comments

While the fashionistas are fighting the crowd at the tents and watching regurgitated trends parade down the runway, I’ll be curled up with this guy…Thinking about renting The Education… My ensemble will include way-out-of style velour pants and an over-sized cashmere sweater.

Apologies to those of who still remember and  inquire about my livestreams.  I’m really glad you enjoyed my endless hours of commenting, mingling, and moments of shear exhaustion/bitchiness.  Honestly, my absence is not due to a complete disinterest in Fashion Week.  I couldn’t secure a sponsor or a job to take me there.  I wish at this point MTM was enough to fuel the coverage, but that’s not the case.

But!  I will be warm, my feet won’t be throbbing, and I can keep my backstage lounge bullsh!t safely stored away with my overcoats.

(BTW, this Pinot Noir really is brilliant – medium bodied, wonderful cherry flavor, and silky smooth.)

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  • heidi

    A really good and super cheap ($15-$16) Pinot is Castle Rock Reserve Russian River Valley 2008.

  • donya

    Oh dear. One of these posts again? Mary, must they come each season? Stop feeling sorry for yourself! We get it: you can’t secure sponsors anymore but you don’t care and yet you kinda do. Fine. But this is just sad. And pretending you get a ton of mail each season before the shows missing your coverage is just ridiculous. You clearly don’t–your coverage was sub-par and everyone knows it.

    • There are websites with readers who feel the same way you do. Perhaps you’d enjoy their content and comments more than MTM.

      In response to your comment – of course I’m disappointed. I’m a real person with feelings. Perhaps you don’t realize that as you sling insults into cyberspace.

  • donya

    Also, it’s “sheer” not “shear.” It’s possible if you could spell or write you could actually be a real journalist and thus a fashion journalist and actually get a job covering fashion week. I’m just not sure why you’re even interested in blogging, when writing seems to be your weakest point.

  • Cat

    slinging insults..

  • Stacey J.

    Bitter and petty is not a good look for you. Please hang up your fashion week bitchiness… it’s way off trend.