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The sales are on! Stock up on winter styles NOW.

February 15th, 2011 No Comments

– Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy Stylist

In just a few weeks, winter will come to a close.  The snow will melt, the sun will come out, and the trends will change.  The best part of all this isn’t sitting outside at your favorite restaurant, enjoying a meal in the warmer weather – NO!  The best part is picking up things for next winter while they’re on the sale of a lifetime!  Here are three things you should pick up off the sale racks before they’re gone:

  1. Knit hats. Go for simple and versatile: knits without flaps in basic colors.
  2. Boots. Always necessary and practical.  Red Wings or work boots with laces are your best bet.
  3. Whatever “unmentionables” keep you warm. Long underwear, wool socks, and flannel shirts are filling the bargain bins right now. Billy Reid makes an incredible camp sock for $16, but you’ll find good sales everywhere.

Check me out in my new knit hat and farmer flannel.  It’s still cold so I’m getting a head start.