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Beautiful but not so kissable lips.

February 22nd, 2011 2 Comments

Despite the fact I can parade around for week in 4-inch heels without falling once, apparently I can’t pull a ketchup-covered french fry from a plate and successfully place it in my mouth. Cue friends dousing me in club soda and covering me in napkins.  And then here I am. (haha)

This scene from Friday night is NOT the purpose for this post!  Just thought you would get a laugh out of the pic Kim insisted on taking.

I want to draw your attention to that bright red stop sign I’m wearing on my face.

Bold lipstick is coming back for spring, and I’m a huge fan.  Recently I splurged on a tube of Tom Ford to have fun with as the weather gets warmer.

In the pic below see “Cherry Lush” mixed with a little mauve gloss and covered in Revlon “Shine City.”  The irony is that the color draws attention to your luscious lips, but any man in his right mind wouldn’t come near them with a ten-foot pole in public.

The rest of my outfit was simple “All American” – creme blouse, dark blue jeans, black and gold heels, minimal jewelry.

For my tips on how I keep my lipstick on ALL NIGHT LONG,

even after martinis and fries, click here.

(Tumblrs click link below to see all of the photos.)

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  • A reader just asked me a great question on tumblr:

    “hi! regarding your last post about red lipstick, i’m dying to try it this season. the issue is that i’m a brunette with olive skin, and fear that i may look like a freak while wearing it. can i pull it off? if so, do you recommend any particular tones? thanks! (love your blog, by the way)”

    My response:

    You can absolutely pull off a bold lip for spring!

    The question would a warm (more orange) or cool (more blue) tone be better for you?

    From your description, I would say a warmer red would be best.

    There are two ways you can find a color you like.

    I would suggest going to a department store or Sephora and trying a bunch of stuff on. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything. I would try Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, and Stila. The Sephora brand has a HUGE rainbow of colors that are a little cheaper as well.

    Or you can go to CVS, buy a few colors that appeal to you (I like Revlon for lipcolor), try them on at home, and then return what you don’t like. They have an open return policy. As long as you have a receipt, you can return anything.

    There is really no need to spend a lot on a bright color that you’ll only wear occasionally. The hard part is just finding the color that works best for you.

  • LOVE those lips, Mary! Nothing like a simple outfit with an unexpected pop of color…