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Are you old school or hi tech?

February 23rd, 2011 12 Comments

Just wondering out of curiosity, how do you read books?  Do you actually buy the paper, carry a kindle, or download on your iPad?

If and when I actually read a book, I go to the store (not Amazon) and buy the book. Something about holding it in my hands that I still really enjoy.  The same holds true for The New York Times and magazines.


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  • Maryann

    I myself feel the same way. I still like the feeling of holding a book in my hands. Add to that the ease of simply throwing a book into my bag and not caring about whether it gets damaged in the process gives me peace of mind. However that’s not to say that I won’t jump on the bandwagon of downloading it onto my iPad before long.

  • Ginny

    There’s something to physically holding a book, the feel of
    the pages, that I can’t let go of. I bought my boyfriend a Nook
    Color for Christmas and he can’t get enough of it, so I know they
    have wonderful utility for some folks…I just can’t give up my
    ritual of sitting on my couch with a glass of wine with a good

  • Oh no…must have a real book! (And mags and newspapers) Don’t get me wrong, I still search the web…but I never could read a book on a Kindle or anything like that.

  • I agree with these girls – Old school all the way!

  • Stephanie J

    I didn’t think the Kindle would be my fav. I really thought I’d be “okay” with it but that I would never be the person to wax poetic about the device. And I was wrong. I’m a voracious reader and the Kindle has turned out to be fantastic for me. It’s not because I think it will replace hard copy books – I really don’t think it will. The thing about the Kindle is that for someone like me who can often have five books going at once, I don’t have to carry all 5. I could carry one, have one at home, and have a few on the Kindle. It also allows me to purchase a cheaper version of a book of a new author before I clutter up my limited apartment space with a hard copy by an author that I’m not sure I’ll like. If I buy an ebook and like the author then you can bet I’d probably buy a hard copy of their next works. Factor in the reading in bed thing and the ease of just propping up the Kindle on a pillow and only needing to use one hand to operate it and just works well. I would do the Kindle over any back-lit device any day. It’s so much easier to read. All that being said, I still love to crack open a hard copy book on a rainy day.

  • The response on my tumblr was unanimous too: OLD SCHOOL!!!!

    viecharme answered: I read and will always read paper books!!!!

    livefromhamburg answered: Definitely paper. I always always have a book with me.

    foodshoesandbuildings answered: OLD SCHOOL

    bacon-bits answered: i do both buy a book and use my nook. the nook comes in hand to take to work and travel so i dont have to lug a 500 page book around

    suckafuck answered: PAPER! Forever… and you know I’m not exactly a luddite.

    constantlyintransition answered: I am all about holding the actual book, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of books. Call me old school.

    raiiin answered: used book stores or amazon for used books!

    truestory answered: books 4eva. i don’t think i’ll ever want an e-reader, no matter how impractical or outdated that makes me

    tythakia answered: I normally buy the hard copy. I’ve got nothing against the idea of using a kindle or ipad but I just don’t have that hardware right now.

    musicandlyrics answered: Books – I think I would get a huge headache from trying to read from a screen. Plus I just like it better!

    thedroplab answered: In terms of Magazines (my books) – I use the iPad app, but sometimes- like NYLON- I’ll purchase the magazine.

    graceinplace answered: Definitely an actual book reader. I’ve grown fond of the local library, it’s free, you can return the book and grab another!

    yourusualsuspects answered: Old school

  • definitely old school! I love books…

  • I read my newspapers and magazines on the iPad – Press Display, fantastic! But I’m total old-school (how odd it feels, saying this) when it comes to books. Always the real deal. I can’t imagine this ever changing. Even on the rare occasion when I do buy the ebook, I always get the paper one as well.

  • Selina

    Hi Mary,

    I’m torn on this one. I don’t use Kindle but if I were traveling more, it might make sense if I found myself needing more than one book..say on a RTW adventure. But otherwise?
    True of not, I feel more productive and stimulated holding a book or magazine so I can actually relax with it, sans the digi-hum, if you know what I mean. Also, when it’s in my feedly or stream, I can get lost in click-throughs to other things, does that happen to anyone else? Having a 3-d copy keeps it simple, and that excited feeling of cracking open a fresh book or magazine is the best.

  • heidi

    I travel all over for my job and exclusively use my kindle. I really love reading books on my kindle. I love that in 10 seconds I can have a new book. Most people don’t really think that they would love one, but I got one of my employees a kindle for christmas and she was like “great” but after a few days she was like “how did I live without this”.

    Retailers are being replaced by technology – see ya Blockbuster. Who’s next?

  • Well…here I am, the only one??lol I made the switch last
    February to the Kindle, and I’m never looking back.. Here’s some of
    the reasons, not in any order: -Privacy, I can be reading anything
    I want and no one in the cafe’ can tell what I’m up to…Sometimes
    a guy might not want everybody to know that he’s snoopin’ through
    Eat, Pray, Love..lol -I like to bounce from book to book, on a
    Kindle, it keeps my bookmark and I can have access to dozens of
    books at any time. -The Dictionary/Thesaurus is worth the price
    alone for me. Here’s my best argument for the digital world..Let’s
    imagine if the Kindle was here first and I said to you “I’ve got a
    great idea, let’s cut down some trees, start a paper mill, print
    books on paper and then have them delivered all over the
    world…get the picture. best tb

    • All very good points Tony! Thanks for stopping by.