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Color along these lines.

February 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Mary Note:  I find interior design photos captivating to look at, but the text around them usually goes in one ear and out the other.  The reason being – I have no education around it.  I encourage you to take advantage of Ashleigh’s professional perspective about color in the post.  I learned something new and I bet you will too.

– By Ashliegh, MTM Interior Decorator

I am in L-O-V-E with the Pantone color palette for fall!

Of course you would have to be blind to miss these hues in the current editions of Elle, Harpers, and Vogue that are hitting the stands just as NYC Fashion Week (month more like!) comes to a close.

There’s no need to wait to deck out your pad in any of the versatile colors.  I’m incorporating  them now with my clients, and so should you.  Use the colors now and love them all year long.

Let me show you what a few of my favorite designers are doing.

Vicente Wolf (I love his blog!) created this simple yet striking living room. See how the color of the artwork reflects in the dark wood floor.

Martin Lawrence-Bullard is acclaimed for his unbelievable sense for texture, color and honesty.  Here he has created a deep teal sofa that perfectly reflects the color of the environment beyond.

I know what you’re thinking…Yes, he created the very unoffensive, simple sofa to fit the skyline.  Did he or did he not succeed in making something stylish and comfortable I will leave up to you.  But I’ll offer a hint….my tuchis says the cushions are quite cozy.

Moving on.

Kelly Werstler, the queen of over-the-top design, color and form, takes the Bamboo to new heights in this stylized reading room at the Viceroy hotel.  For a daring client, I’ll create something similar for them.   Hotel living is not just for bedrooms anymore!

I would be remiss if I did not include my friend and design mentor Mark Cutler.  I just adore how he took this classic Hollywood Hills home and injected a bit of whimsy and elegance into a space that could have felt cold and old fashioned.  The uber modern Emberglow colored chairs complete the aesthetic b giving the space a jolt of contemporary sensibility in the midst of classic Hollywood.

Kelly Hoppen is the queen of neutrals.  She has such a great eye for texture and detail that she can create captivating and dynamic interiors using an entirely neutral palatte.  Here she uses such colors as Nougat on the sofa upholstery and rug, Coffee Liqueur on the stain of the beams and just a shot of Bamboo on the chair in the middle distance of the photo.  Because she uses color minimally, it creates drama and excitement when she does!

Finally we come to John Saladino.  This man made the “Orchard Hush” (aka deep purple) color famous after  35 years.   In the first image you can see this lovely purple in the edge of the chair to the left of the image  and in the second image you can see how ethereal and lovely this pale purple makes this classic chair style.

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