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Bangin’ Black Tie at the Oscars

March 1st, 2011 3 Comments

-Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy’s Stylist

I’m one of those people who would rather buy new clothes than own a TV – shocking, I know. But I don’t live under a rock so I realize the Oscars were on Sunday.

I won’t make you guys admit it, but I know you were checking out the clothes just as much as your girlfriends were.  You’re looking for things you like, hate, and maybe might incorporate into your formalwear one day.

The three things you’re looking for:

1.  Fit of the suit.

2.  Details in color and accessories.

3.  Hair choices.

So, I’m going to give you direction for red carpet looks that were banging and those that were banged up.

Best Dressed: Jeremy Renner

Everyone is talking about how timeless Justin Timberlake looked, but I think Jeremy in this tux by YSL is exemplary of classic as well.  The fit is flawless; the shiny shawl color is a little bit different which I appreciate; the pocket square completes the outfit.

Worst Dressed: Francis Ford Coppola

This tux looks like a sac! It reminds me of something you’d pick up from the rental place in the mall.  Tie it up with that over-sized monstrosity of a tie and we have a fashion disaster on our hands. As a “bigger guy,” I find it disappointing when men choose to drown themselves in their clothes rather than look dapper in something that actually works for them and their body type.  I hope he fires his stylist.

Best Hair: Andrew Garfield

When in black tie, keep it clean. We don’t need to see your Sunday scruff to remind us you’re a man and not a Ken doll.  Because, btw, there’s nothing wrong with looking handsome.  Follow Andrew’s lead.  Shower, shave, and style your hair.

Worst Hair: Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse could have taken a few pointers from his co-star.  I’m sure we can all agree he just looks sloppy?  Perhaps he was still in his Mark Zuckerberg character?

Who do you think did the red carpet justice?  Put in your two cents below.

  • Any thoughts on Timberlake rocking Tom Ford? as I see he did not make the list…

  • Strike that… ;)

  • Phil – I think that Justin Timberlake looked great, but he always looks great. And, when you’re in a Tom Ford, it’s hard to NOT look like a million bucks!