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Check out the new iPad’s competition.

March 1st, 2011 No Comments

Several little birdies told me the new iPad is being released tomorrow.

I’ll tell you, it has some steep competition! The name of the game at CES this year was “how can we compete with Apple?”

In terms of the iPad, Samsung had the best answer in my opinion.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series tablet is pictured above.  They wouldn’t let any of us touch the models, but I saw the demo and it’s really cool.  The basic specs:

  • Fully functioning PC running Windows 7
  • Both Wifi and 3G.
  • Touch screen
  • Keyboard that slides out
  • Front and rear cameras (but no flash).
  • Estimated in stores April for $699-$799.

Already on the market, the Galaxy (below) runs on Android 2.2 and has been a huge hit.  It’s smaller, cheaper, thinner, and offers: removable memory, front and rear cameras, and flash capabilities in the web browser.  The cost is $399 subsidized or $599 full price.

(The Samsung rep wanted “my best Vanna White”)

Once I get my hands on the new iPad I should be able to tell you if Samsung beat them out.

Honestly, I think the PC 7 Series will win because Apple’s ego will wait until version 3 to satisfy all our little techy desires.

I’m WISH the new iPad would have a camera and microphone (for Skype), a USB port, a built-in stand, and if I’m dreaming big, a keyboard, the ability to view flash sites, an actual flash, and a place to store a pen you can use to write with on the pad.  But unfortunately I don’t think ANY of that will happen :(

All of this being said, I still prefer an iPad because I’ve now put all of my eggs in the Mac basket. I’m such a sucker.

(Full Disclosure: no product or payment was exchanged for this post.)

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