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Clean cooking in my kitchen

March 3rd, 2011 6 Comments

Last week Nutritionista posted about her grocery list so I though I’d give you a peak at what makes it home to my fridge.

Pretty simple stuff. All fresh and perishable.  I eat at home twice a day and will usually pick up a third and heartier meal when I’m out.

But I have to tell you, unless I’m whipping up a recipe, I keep it simple because that’s what I enjoy.

Here’s what I threw together this week (tumblrs click through to see the pics):

Usually, I make a roasted veggie mix to add to other things like eggs and quinoa throughout the week.

In my opinion the key to making these dishes really taste delicious is to use high quality extra virgin olive oil (see my bottle in the top right – purchased at the farmer’s market for $20).  Its flavor will either be buttery or earthy (pick your fave) and will lend a whole new dimension to your fresh veggies and even meats.  Pour it on AFTER cooking!  It’s much better for you than any sauce or dressing.

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  • Kassmatazz

    Earthy, you mean. Not “earthly.”

  • Julia

    My favorite “dressing” on salads or grains is just a drizzle of truffle oil. It makes everything taste great. If only it wasn’t so d*mn expensive!

  • Sophie

    Mary, you can get as snippy as you want to with people who correct your spelling and grammar, but that won’t change the fact that you come across as uneducated. Nobody is suggesting that you need to know every single grammar rule, but it’s astonishing to me that someone who’s had the educational opportunities that you’ve had does not even know the basics. When you say that you understand the difference between “it’s” and “its” you are flat-out lying. You mix them up ALL THE TIME. Here’s an example:

    “It’s flavor will either be buttery or earthly (pick your fave) and will lend a whole new dimension to your fresh veggies and even meats.”

    That should be “ITS flavor” not “IT’S.” (And the other commenter is correct about earthy vs earthly.) You sometimes get defensive when you’re criticized about this type of thing. I could see how you might react that way if people were jumping all over you for making just an occasional mistake, but almost everything you write is littered with one mistake, after another, after another.

    The thing that’s hardest to understand is that you really don’t even care enough to learn from your mistakes and get better. You’ve been apologizing (apparently insincerely) for YEARS about grammar and spelling mistakes, but you don’t care enough to STOP making them. And the kicker is – the things people call you out on are not complicated. It’s all basic grammar and spelling, and STILL, you cannot master it. I honestly don’t know if that’s because you have some kind of learning disability (and if you do, I’m sorry) or if you’re just lazy. Whatever the case may be, your writing is sloppy and full of ridiculous beginner grammar/spelling mistakes.

    • You’ve had a chance to speak your mind on this topic now.

      We all know I understand the difference between “it’s” and “its.” I graduated cum laude from USC in three years. Unfortunately I can’t offer you a good reason for my consistent errors because I don’t have one. Obviously it’s embarrassing. The irony is that my strength has always been editing. I guess the catch is that this skill only functions when I examine other people’s work and not my own. Come to think of it, I’m sure this comment will have its fair share of mistakes.

      I actually hear the sincerity and genuine concern in your writing, yet you both have an agenda to call me out publicly on my own blog instead of sending me a private email. Thousands of people read my work and only a handful of you comment on my mistakes. I’m not saying you’re being cruel or even inappropriate. But since you have been long time readers, I can only assume at one point you accepted my (fill in the blank for whatever reason you think I make so many errors). You must value my work to some extent because you continue to read.

      A final note. Please hear me clearly. I am never insincere.

  • C

    Not to harp on your spelling (first-time reader), but it’s peek, not peak.

    How about writing articles in something like Word, which can help with a spell check, then copy and paste into a final form. (Although spell check wouldn’t catch the above mistake…)

    I have to agree with the above poster that spelling errors make you look amateurish. Why not look on elance or craigslist for a cheap copyeditor vs. spending so much wasted time defending yourself on here? A few dollars here and there for copyediting can only improve your brand. Then you can spend time commenting on content vs. spelling and grammar.

    As for the content: it would be interesting to see you take snapshots of a day’s worth of meals. For many of us, the problem is what to make with all of the unprocessed food.

    • Welcome to MTM C.

      Thanks for your notes.

      I’ll absolutely do a day of meals for you!