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There’s a new juice bar on the block in NYC

March 3rd, 2011 8 Comments

It’s funny, even though New York is known for the most decadent restaurants, the locals love to eat clean and healthy too.  Because their palates are accustomed to impeccable flavors, the restaurants and bars serving up raw meals and fresh juice have to be creative with their recipes.

According to The Selby article in the Sunday NY Times magazine this week, Marcus Antebi has been successful with his recipes at Juice Press, the latest of the raw food and juice bars on the island.

His juice cleanses look really interesting and are considerably cheaper than his competitors like BPC and Organic Avenue.

Whether you want to cleanse or not, juice and raw foods are really beneficial to your body.  As Marcus says, “Juice requires little digestion and supplies the body with a nearly direct hit of nutrition in a rapid manner.”

In terms of other juicers and raw restaurants, they’re everywhere on the island. You’ve got:

  • BluePrintCleanse delivery (which no longer offers media discounts)
  • Organic Avenue shops and delivery
  • Juice Generation (on E 72nd @ Columbus)
  • Liquiteria (on 2nd Ave @ 11th Street)
  • The Westerly Market (on 8th ave @ 53rd)
  • Health Market (on Park Avenue @ 28th Street)
  • Juice Bar (3rd Ave @ E44)
  • Natural Frontier Market (3rd Ave @ 23rd)

For New Yorkers the answer of where you go is pretty simple – whatever is closest.



Living in Houston I can attest that juice bars and truly health conscious markets are hard to find in other cities.  If you know of one, add your local spot in the comments below.

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  • Lonnie

    What does Blue Print Cleanse not offering media discounts have to do with this story or your list? Sounds like someone is bitter they’re no longer getting reader discount codes or free juice!

    • Not I all. I included that note because people often write me emails for a discount code and unfortunately I no longer have one to offer.

  • donya

    Please take an English composition, Mary, or read a LOT more. “For New Yorkers the answer of where you go?” Do you even know what’s wrong with that? Again, please answer why you insist on devoting your life to a vocation that is clearly your weakest point: writing.

  • Ali

    Donya, Please tell me why you insist on devoting your valuable time to reading a blog that you don’t appreciate? Clearly your weakest point is finding value in your life since you voluntarily read and criticize a blog you don’t like. Find something more productive and altruistic to do with your time.

  • donya

    Hi, Mary. I mean, Ali.

    • Nope, I’m here, as myself. I believe I’ve told you the same thing Ali did in a post a couple if weeks ago.

      Certainly an intelligent girl like yourself must ask yourself the same question Ali is challenging you with here.

      I’m with her. Why do you read my blog?

  • I no longer live in NYC, but like you Mary, I think outside of LA and NYC it’s hard to find a decent juice bar in any other city. Do they exist? Surely. Just have to hunt high and low. This is just another reason why I bought a juicer and the BPC book. Has great recipes from juices that I know and love. And obviously there’s tons of other similar books out there. Although I have to admit I’m tempted to try the Cooler Cleanse just for comparison, just can’t bring myself to spend the money right now.

  • Terri Organic on 23rd and 6th