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Weekly Workout Challenge: Take advantage of the good weather!

March 7th, 2011 No Comments

How excited are you that it’s finally getting warm?!  I am.  I want to be outside every single second possible. For me, the sunshine is one of the best motivators to exercise.

Any sport would be my first choice of outdoor activity, but since that’s not a daily option, I seek out other interesting things to do.  I say “interesting” because I get bored running.   It’s also really strenuous on my back after a couple of miles.

Your challenge this week

is to figure out an outdoor spring workout

you can do once a week

for the next couple of months before it gets scorching hot.

Throwing in a new element to your exercise routine is important to keep your body challenged and changing.

My go-to when I’m in Houston is the Rice University baseball bleachers (above).  The small stadium is deceiving, but  those little stairs you take on 2 at a time with a lunge will kick your butt.  I do 4 laps, then lunges, push ups, and crunches on the side.  The routine takes about 45 minutes.  If I’m  looking to kill it, I do one more lap at the end. For the next two days I can barely walk.  It’s awesome!

If you choose bleachers as your workout, there are a couple things you need to remember:

  • Keep your head and chest high.  Don’t hunch over.
  • Use your abs to help you pull your knees up.
  • Land on your heel first and roll to your toe if you’re lunging instead of stepping.
  • Maintain focus going down and keep your abs engaged to control your steps.

Share your outdoor workout with us in the comments below.

I’m posting two old videos you might find helpful in setting up your routine (tumblrs click through)

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