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Tan tan, thank you ma’am.

March 8th, 2011 4 Comments

Behind this towel is a freshly bronzed bod.  It magically happened in less than 20 minutes for under $50 in my own bathroom.  Nice!

I’m not sure what came over me last weekend, but I just couldn’t stand being so pale any longer!  You could literally see through me.  This winter I wasn’t even bundled up surviving blizzards in NYC, but I still came through it looking like Casper (coincidentally a nickname I hated in Middle School).

Anyway, instead of blinding my friends at the pool this weekend, I planned ahead and got a spray tan.

Before I called in Monica (the magician) for a spray down, I hesitated about getting the quick fix tan.  Would it turn me orange and streaky since I had no color at all??!  Then I thought, “Why am I scared?  I’ve had it done before, and the color looked great!”  To get up the courage again, I watched a video I made of the whole process.  A couple minutes in, I was already dialing Monica to see when she could come over to my house.

Like many estheticians, Monica has started doing treatments for her clients in their homes at a reduced rate.  I LOVE her facials too.

If you didn’t click through to the video, you’re now putting 2 and 2 together and questioning how naked do you really have to be in order to get a spray tan??  The answer isn’t “butt” naked, but that is the best method.  You can wear “spa” panties as well, but I’m not sure how those lines come out.

My friend Kristen and I were comparing rates between Monica’s home visit which is $45 and the rate at a retail store, which will charge the same thing if you don’t buy a package. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to buy a bundle of chemicals (yes, it concerns me) and I prefer to be in my birthday suit at home!

I’m sure your final question concerns your bathroom itself and towels.  They don’t get brown in the process.

Here’s my tan tummy now.  Please excuse the photo in bed.  It’s 4am and I’m really not sure how I even pulled this post together.

To maintain it, I’ll exfoliate in the shower, spray on L’Oreal Sublime Bronze afterward, and stay moisturized.

If you get girlfriends together and all get a tan at one person’s house, I believe most technicians will discount the rate.

If you live in Houston and you’d like Monica to give you a tan, you can email her here.

Here are some mobile tanning technicians in other major cities:


Grina: (347)698-2427, FlawlessTansOTG@yahoo.com
New client: $45, $55 afterwards

  • The Airbrush Studio Tan

631-926-1300 – $42.00/session


  • St.Tropez **

Areas covered: Santa Monica,Venice,Playa Del Rey,Marina del Rey,Torrance
Amanda:  424-789-2299


Katrina : 310 663 5066
1 person: $60/person, 2-3 people: $50/person, 4+ people: $45/person



Prices start at $50/person
(408) 259-9220


$45/session – 832-453-3532 or:Tan_On_TheGo@yahoo.com

(972) 998-8353  – N. Dallas, Plano, McKinney


Maggie: 703-618-6712 – Serving: Bristow, Gainesville areas

703-655-6025 kellysmobiletan@aol.com


  • Illinois Tans**

illusiontanillinois@yahoo.com, call Kelly : 312-560-014

3 people or more $60 each, 6 people or more $50 each

Tessa: 312-415-3405



4-6 people $65 per person
7-9 people $55 per person
10 or more $45 per person
(host/bride receive their tan for free)

  • Spray Tan 2 You**

(480) 244-2807


Monica Sanchez

832-388-6161 or monicasanchez05@yahoo.com

Bronze and Glow Mobile Airbrush Tanning

**Indicates the products are Aloe based.


(Full Disclosure: I paid full price for my service from Monica.)

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  • Lindsay

    This is perfect timing for me – I’m super pale and am going
    to be in a bathing suit in a month! I’ve done self tan creams
    before which always look good the first day and then for me tend to
    begin to wear away immediately in embarrassing blotches. Question
    for you — I assumed exfoliating would remove the tan but it sounds
    like you’re saying it actually helps keep it on? So after getting a
    professional spray tan I *should* exfoliate in the shower each

    • Lindsay,

      I exfoliate to even out the color. Because your skin is drier in some places, the color adheres more there.

      Use Loreal Sublime Bronze and a little natural sun to maintain the tan. And of course moisturize often.

  • Kassmatazz

    have you read any books lately?

  • Lindsay

    Ah, got it.Thanks, Mary! I appreciate the advice.