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Color boost for your workout.

March 14th, 2011 3 Comments

Well, this obviously isn’t going to be a post about how hot I look in these pants….I am NOT one of those girls who puts on makeup let alone brushes her hair to go to the gym.

But, I do enjoy nice workout gear that fits well :)

A reader wrote to me yesterday asking about my affinity for loud spandex.  My answer is simply this: I like bright colors!  They’re even more exhilerating in the gym.  How can you not be pumped up wearing loud green pants? Combo them with red sneaks and you’re set to kick butt!!

Stacy*, my spinning mentor, wears vibrant yellow pants to class when the sky is gray in an attempt to coax the sun to come out and put a smile on our face as she tortures us.  Her mentality around color in the gym stuck with me, and now I really feel like the colors bring a positive energy to my workout.

For example, these Nike Training Capris are awesome for so many reasons.

They’re super comfortable, affordable ($35) , and have lasted through countless workouts and washes. Plus, I get a million compliments on them (mostly from people wearing black).  I’m telling you, there’s something about the color that just makes the exercise more fun.

In general workout gear is not this affordable, but you will wear every penny out of a black pair of spandex pants.  Mine have lasted for 4 years! Now, if you like color, you’ll find great stuff in the Nike  “Last Chance” bargain bin.  Other places to check for reduced prices:  Marshall’s and Target.

(*Stacy Griffen teaches at Soul Cycle in NYC, mostly at the Upper East Side location.)

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  • PiaKae

    Um, Stacey Griffith? Wow, you and spelling. The unprofessionalism is something else.

  • EMcCutchan

    Thanks for this post! Because of you, I just refreshed my workout gear with some serious color. (BTW I’ll never understand why your haters seem to be proofreaders, who cares, it’s the internet!)

    • My pleasure! You can’t be in too much pain in pink right?! Or at least you look cute while you’re dripping sweat :)