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“Your hard drive is crashing.”

March 19th, 2011 3 Comments

This is what an Apple Genius told me yesterday.

My response, “Like…right now?!” Apparently so.

I suspected as much because my computer has been temperamental for about a month, freezing every other minute while I’m trying to pound away.

Thankfully, I have taken measures to safeguard myself against the heartbreak of losing everything stored on my hard drive.  I’m sure most of you are smart and back up regularly.  In the past I have not been so wise.  THIS TIME, I’m using 2 kinds of protection.  Because a condom is only 97% effective right? (Bad joke, sorry.)

My two saving graces: Apple Care and DropBox.

I never buy insurance on phones or computers because I usually lose or crash them before I can ever take advantage of the warranty.  But with my first Mac, I went all out and purchased Apple Care, which means they will replace my hard drive for free and the computer will run like kido again. YAY!

To back up all of my data instead of using an external hard drive, I’m storing everything in a DropBox cloud.  This way everything is safe (as long as I pay the $60/year fee) and I can access it from anywhere in the world.  If you’re interested, this service has also replaced YouSendIt for me because I can upload files and share only that file by inviting people to share it.

Obviously both are a costly, but in my opinion, totally worth it to safeguard my document and memories.

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  • Totally agree with you re: Apple Care. I’ve owned Macs for the past 15 years or so and without fail they blow up within 2-3 years. I’ve had so much stuff done hassle-free with my current MacBook Pro that its probably a new computer inside. A total no-brainer.

    I concur with you on Dropbox, too, but I just wanted to point out that there’s a free account people can use for their core files. That’s what I do–daily needed files are in Dropbox, but the whole shebang gets backed up to a hard drive regularly.

    Which leads me to my next point…I think you should really think about a second back-up to hard drive! Time Machine can automate it. I picked up a couple of 2 terrabyte drives at Target during Black Friday for cheap. Love, love, love Dropbox, but you know what I mean, better safe than sorry.

    • Thanks for adding your thoughts Amanda.

      You’re right, there is a free option to DropBox. I should have mentioned that.

      As for Time Machine, the Genius recommended that too. Between all of my moves, I can never keep up with them so I end of up buying tons. DropBox is mobile and cheaper for me!

  • You know, Time Machine, too, is something you don’t have to pay for necessarily. It comes with your Mac and if you set it up to backup to an external hard disk, it will automatically do that for your whole entire laptop when you hook up your external, for free. The great thing is that it takes care of all those little things (like thousands of pictures) that you might never think to backup until your laptop blows up and the geniuses are like “Sorry.”

    It’s incredibly hard to stay on top of all these little tools that can potentially make our lives easier and more efficient. Lots of times we have the power, just don’t know how to use it. My thing is always trying to do as much as I can using free tools that are available online.

    But glad you are shedding light on the fundamentally unsexy (yet-oh-so-important) matter of data protection. Hope more people take advantage of the services that you cite!