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The perfect spring style.

March 22nd, 2011 No Comments

Fedora to loafer, Nina hits spring perfectly on the head with this outfit – a neutral colored combo of men’s and women’s pieces for a femme and sophisticated style. Everything she’s wearing is from a chain like H&M (top) and Urban Outfitters (jeans) with the exception of her shoes.  Check out her dad’s vintage Brazilian loafers (tumblrs click through for the pic).

Although she’s a size 9, she still had to stuff the toes with tissue.  And she’s 5′ 9″ so it’s easy for her to wear a longer shoe. But I’ve seem plenty of small men’s shoes recently in vintage shops if you want the authentic option.

On the other hand, you could complete this look with a sandal or striking neutral stiletto.  Nina’s  other accessories are simple, but you could throw on a chain or statement necklace too.  The versatility of this outfit is endless.  Reinvent it a million times!

The best part is that it works for the varying spring weather.  When the temperature drops from hot to cold within an hour, you’ll be content and comfy all day long with the light denim and flowing top.

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