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ATTENTION! to detail…

March 23rd, 2011 1 Comment

— By Ashleigh, The MTM Interior Decorator

I am still blown away at how just the smallest bit of architectural or design detail can really make a space.  I was struck the other day by this beautiful riser on a set of stairs.  What a lowly place the stair riser, yet this designer has taken an overlooked space and made it sing!

Here’s a close up:

Here in Los Angeles, many of the city buildings were built at a time when detail was expected, architecture was appreciated by the masses and the government had the money and the desire to make their facades something worth building.  These days it is not always so.  Particularly I love the old DWP buildings around town that are such banal unused places but are often beautifully crafted!

  • alexis

    What would you call this? I’ve tried to find other examples of this wrought iron stair riser, but can’t find any other references. Please let me know if anyone knows what to call this or where to find examples of it. Otherwise, I’ll just go over to the local soldering company and ask them to make it! Great find!!!