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Open your ears and heart to Nicki Bluhm

March 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Six feet tall, skinny as a rail, clad in high-waisted bell-bottom jeans with the face of an angel, Nicki Bluhm had my attention at first sight. Physically she’s striking, but her energy, that also has a 70’s vibe, is much more captivating.  This woman loves life, her husband (the shaggy string bean singing next to her), and to share her world through songs.

My iphone cut out before I could record all of “Jetplane” which coincidentally is my favorite off her ablum “Driftwood.”

Take a listen, if you love her 70’s sound as much as I do, click through to her site and download “Carousel” and “Stick With Me.”

She’s one of the most delightful people I’ve met in a while.  Not that we chatted for long, but she’s just one of those people….

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