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Shellac wasn’t strong enough for my man hands.

March 29th, 2011 3 Comments

Most people’s complaint about Shellac nail polish is that it lasts toolong.  In order to get it off, you have to soak your fingers in remover for minutes to strip off the paint, consequentally sucking all of the moisture out of your hands.  But while it’s on, it looks good!

Well, even this latest and greatest polish that promises to stay on for TWO weeks was no match for my nails.  As advertised, the Shellac didn’t chip…it PEELED off!  Within 7 short days, my fingers were bare again.

In all fairness, I don’t blame the polish.  After hearing countless women sing its praises, I bet money ($45 to be exact) that it would work for me too.  Normal polishes might survive six days on my nails, so I rooting for Shellac to be my savior.  Unfortunatley it failed me too.   My cuticles are ridiculously (and embarrassingly) dry, but my nails are really oily so nothing will adhere to them. 

A lot of women are also going for the Minx application, which is like a sticker on your nails.  It sounds like a good idea, but their color options (which mostily involve patterns) are a little wild for my conservative style.  Have you tried it?

I’m sure many of you have had success with Shellac.  If so, please write your comments below because I think most of  you will find it does endure dishwashing, filing, and all of our other daily activities for weeks.  I wouldn’t want my experience to dissuade you from trying it at least once.

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  • My friends had been raving about the gel nail polish as well, so I finally went out and paid the extra dough for it. Truth be told, I usually don’t get my finger nails painted because it starts chipping off right away. But the gels have been holding up. My nails haven’t broken, and the polish is still in tact 2 weeks later. It’s lasted through housework, working out, and typing on a keyboard everyday. While I guess it’s not for everyone, my first experience has been a good one.

    I agree with you on the removing of it though. Not looking forward to drying out my nails when I remove it.

  • Suz

    Hi, Mary! You know I love this CND product. Shellac worked like a charm for me. I have it done 3 times and it has lasted 2 weeks each time with my nails looking mirror-shiny and had not chipped. The removal is tricky and if you don’t have a technician who removes the shellace as it is prescribed by CND, your nails can be damaged. I do find that I need to soak longer than 10 minutes in the wraps. They shouldn’t ever use a file or the grinder to remove the shellac. The wraps and the wooden stick is all that is needed.

    Like you, I have very oily nails. I never get manicures because my nails bend and the polish chips within the first 24 hours. So frustrating! The first time I used Shellac the first color coat (after the base coat) wouldn’t cure properly. The technician removed the Shellac and went over my nails with acetone again to get rid of the oil. Once she did that, they polish cured beautifully.

    I think you need a different technician. It sounds like your polish never cured properly. Even with my bendy, soft, oily nails, I haven’t had the peeling problem.

    Thanks for your review!! (And I’m jealous that normal polished last six days for you!!!)


    • Good to know Suz.

      I had my applied at a Bliss Spa and she seemed to be very careful with the application. In fact, as you said, she put acetone on my nails before the base coat.

      As for the six days endurance of normal polish – that’s if I’m lucy and get the mani at one of my favorite salons. Here’s a list of the places I love around the country.