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What are your favorite stores to follow on @twitter?

March 29th, 2011 No Comments

In my opinion Bergdorf Goodman (@Bergdorfs) has the best twitter in the fashion biz.  Cameron Hodge, their social media manager, offers the behind the scenes scoop, photos, and most importantly a personality for the store.  She talks about late night hours, lunch breaks, current projects, obsessions, personal feelings, etc.  The store becomes a person, quite the fashionista in fact, on twitter. I don’t know her personally, but from reading BG’s updates, I like her!  And with the popularity of their twitter, I can only imagine she now has access to anything and everything going on in the industry.  Lucky girl!!! 

Who else are you loving right now on twitter?  What stores are fun to follow and why? I’ll expand the question – include designers and fashion mags too!  Post your favorites below and I’ll updat this post later with a list.

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