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Another NYC staple makes the move to LA.

March 31st, 2011 2 Comments

Fig and Olive is a staple New York restaurant, but I don’t think anyone goes there anymore.  It was never on my top ten, and I haven’t returned since I left the island.

Now that it’s opened in LA, I think that’s a more appropriate home for it. Those crazy Angelenos are super concerned with the freshness of their food and love anything “New York” so it should be a big hit.

Actually it already is.

Nestled on Melrose Place in West Hollywood amongst our favorite designers’ boutiques, the opening was apparently star-studded and reservations have been hard to come by since.

I see it being a big agent (ehem douchebag) and young actor scene – like Fred Segal.  Not somewhere you want to make your regular spot, but a fun place to munch and people watch.

I can’t think of one famous NYC hot spot that has been successful with the bicoastal move…Soho house doesn’t count in my book because it’s private.  Otherwise, BLT, STK, and Nobu (WeHo) are no where near as good as their East Coast flagships.

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Fig and Olive- 8490 Melrose Place West Hollywood –  310 360 9100


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  • I actually love Fig & Olive in New York. It might not be the best overall, but it is a dependable restaurant for a large group of friends. And there’s something for everyone on the menu. Maybe I’ll see if I can squeeze in F&O West when I’m in LA next month.

  • That’s so funny that you posted this – I just tried Fig & Olive in NYC for the first time and I didn’t really like it at all. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t think it was anything special either. Hope it’s better in LA!

    xoxo Lauren