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Will the little acupunture needles really work?

April 1st, 2011 3 Comments

Yesterday I took a new approach to alleviating my constant lower back pain that has been tormenting me for over 10 years!! Doctors have been baffled as to what causes it. In the past I went through a rehab program with a physical therapist and chiropractor that worked, but not to my satisfaction.

After recommendations and testimonials from a handful of people, I finally decided to try acupuncture for the first time yesterday.

My biggest concern was the needles! Eeeeek. Even though I get Botox injected in my face, I was still really nervous to have needles sticking out of me. Silly, I know, but…I’m a big baby when it comes to needles.

Of course it was painless for the most part. She stuck me first in the ear which was painful so she took that one out.

The rest of the treatment wasn’t what I expected at all. She inserted a total of four superfine needles into my hands and feet, covered me with warm lavender heaters, turned off the lights, and left ms in a dark room with Chinese music playing. For the next 20 minutes I took a nap. That’s it.

I believe, like with any therapy, you have to commit to a series of sessions of acupuncture before you make progress.

If this doesn’t prove to be the case, I’ll be paying a pretty penny to take a nap!! Yikes.

There’s one more thing….the environment was cold and sterile.  It was in fact a doctor’s office.  But I was hoping it might be a little more cozy, warm, and earthy.  I’m not going to let this influence my mentality around the treatment (my nap was delightful).

I tweeted about this yesterday and many of you had questions, wanted to know locations, etc.

Please offer your comments here and I’ll use them to compose my post next week after my second treatment.

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  • PiaKae

    The thing is, Mary, you’d actually get more comments if your posts were well-written and typo-free.I just wish you’d make it a priority instead of entitled “take it or leave it” mode. I’ve been restraining myself and just trying to focus on content (which can be good) but this is bad, really bad. I think that’s why you might get more responses on Twitter–you can write 140 characters but more than that it can be a real mess.

  • I should have written a disclaimer. I wrot the whole thing on my iPhone because my computer has been in the shop for over a week.

    Although, admittedly I’m the queen of typos.

    Glad you enjoy the content. You’ve commented several times!

    Sorry, that’s all I have for you.

    Have a nice weekend PiaKae.

  • Stephanie J

    I’m curious to see how you feel about this after a few more sessions. I’m a supporter of alternative therapy but acupuncture is one of those things I was never quite sure about. I hope your back feels better, regardless!