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Innocence must feel nice…

April 2nd, 2011 No Comments

Do you believe that one of the many reasons we love pets is for their innocent existence in this world?

Yesterday, I posted this picture of me cuddling with my sister’s dog Polly, and today I revisited the moment….

Polly wanted nothing morethan to be cuddled up on my chest.  Without hesitation or a thought she had something else to do, without a care in the world, she fell right to sleep.  As she laid there, I pet her into a deep slumber, to a state of complete peace.

Very gently I reached for iPhone to snap this pic; I didn’t want tojar her awake.  At the time I didn’t want to disturb her sleep, but now that I think about it, I wanted to respect her uninhibited rest.  Thinking about it even more, her innocence came to mind. I’m envious she exists in this world only for the joys each day brings and the love she can give for the people and animals she adores.  No intentions.  No negative thoughts.  No pressure.  She doesn’t carry baggage or burdens. I am jealous of her innocence.

I’ve never really thought about animals this way.  Especially pets.  And certainly never about cats; they seem so judgemental!  But dogs…Tere’s something about a dog’s soul..

The saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss,”  but I’ve never bought into that.  I’m an explorer who always wants to learn more about people, cultures, behaviors, whatever else is out there to see.

But today, I wish for her peace of mind. A fraction of her innocence.  A sleep that is sound and uninhibited.

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