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No more yoga excuses!

April 4th, 2011 4 Comments

A few  weeks ago I posted a weekly challenge for you to do one yoga class in a week.  So many of you commented that you feel the same way I do about the practice these days.

We really WANT to do it.

We know it will be GOOD for our body and soul.

We just don’t have the TIME to do it.

The time factor comes down to either your desire to push yourself to your body’s limit in the time you have allotted for exercise and yoga doesn’t fit that bill, or you simply can’t slow down your life enough to flow for an hour and a half.  Or, it could be a mixture of both.

One excuse I’ve used recently is that I don’t believe worthy and talented instructors exist in Houston/outside of LA and NYC.  That’s obviously absurd!  (As you would suspect, I’m a little high maintenance when it comes tot the gym.)  But it worked as a solid excuse for a while.

This weekend, I threw that out the window and ventured to Joy Yoga, which is acknowledged as “the best” in Houston.  I can’t say that’s true because the only other place I’ve tried has been FIT gym where I teach spin.  The instructors I practiced with there were in fact solid, but the frigid air and energy in the room did not create for a pleasurable environment. (See, I’m still making excuses!)

Back to Joy – I really enjoyed Stacey’s class on Saturday.  It was pretty straight ahead in terms of movements, poses, and flow, but I liked her energy and ability to calm my mind.  The latter is half of the battle for me.

If you’ve been using the “I don’t know where to go” excuse too, I encourage you get out there and try somewhere. One-fourth of the year is over, and I believe yoga to be a good way to focus on our intentions in life and access inner thoughts and struggles we might not know we have.  In my spin class, I encourage my riders to attempt this introspection, but in yoga, you’re pretty much forced to.

Usually your first visit is free, so it won’t cost you anything.  Here are my favorite spots in the places I’ve lived:

New YorkEast West Yoga, Equinox Soho

Los AngelesEquinox West Hollywood (Kim, Colin, Meghan, Stella), Up Dog Yoga (Colin or Meghan)

Houston Joy Yoga (Stacey, Kaitlin, or Joy) If you go into Joy Yoga in Houston, tell them I referred you and you’ll get a week free!

If you want to recommend a place, please share it with us in the comments below.  We thank you in advance!

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  • Funny you posted about this today. I just attended my first vinyasa yoga class yesterday at Bombay Room Yoga in Fort Lauderdale and it was fantastic. I recommend any class taught by Erica (the instructor). She is wonderful!

  • Alexandra

    If you’re in Hoboken/JC and don’t want to travel to the City for yoga, try Devotion Yoga in Hoboken, NJ. Two great studios (one downtown and one uptown), great instructors and friendly peers! A real treat for beginners as well as advanced students.

  • My two favs in LA are Yoga Hop (on Montana in Santa Monica) & Liz Arch’s classes at Yoga Collective (3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica). Both places are amazing and you get a killer workout! Prepare to sweat.

  • @RChristianson tweeted she likes Bikram Yoga in Dallas on Mockingbird.