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Want toned arms to go with your new summer sundress?

April 4th, 2011 No Comments

You’re answer is either “Hell yes!” or “Hmmm. I hadn’t thought about it.”

For the last 3 years I joke and say I want”Kelly Ripa” arms – that chick has some guns!  Now, I can be honest with myself and realize that probably isn’t going to happen (nor do I really want to be that buff), but I am more than happy with “toned” shoulders.

Here’s what I’ve found to work for me:

  • HEAVY WEIGHTS – Use 8-12 lb weights  for shoulder presses and SIDE arm raises.  Do 8-12 reps.  Make sure you rest in between sets with squats or crunches.  You’ll notice you can’t get your arms parallel to the floor doing a side arm raise with the heavy weights so go as high as you can without engaging your traps (muscles next to your neck).
  • LIGHT WEIGHTS – Use 3-5 lb weights and do continuous exercises – presses, front and side raises, curls, goal posts – for 4-6 minutes (or one song) without stopping.  Do one movement until it burns then move on. Curls will be your resting movement.  This is usually a warm up for weight lifting.
  • BOXING – use 1-5 lb weights and jab+punch to the beat of a song for 3 minutes.  Again, this is a warm up to get my upper body ready for a bigger workout, but it also tones my shoulders.

Want more of a challenge?  Do bullets one and two (not boxing) on a bosu ball to strengthen your core and work on your balance.

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