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How can I make my highlights last longer?

April 5th, 2011 5 Comments

Well, I could make dumb blonde jokes all day, but I’m just going to mispel a cuple words and move on to the product :)

The big question from people (not just women) who color their hair is “How can I get the color to last longer?”  The market is flooded with “color safe” products, but how do you know if they really work?

Naturally my hair is dishwater blonde which is not a good look on me or anyone else for that matter.  Every two months, I have Rafael highlight my hair with bleach (not color) to maintain a bright and vibrant blonde.  Because he uses bleach to achieve the platinum hue, products that protect color are ineffective on my hair.  So when Bed Head‘s Dumb Blonde showed up on my doorstep and claimed to “safeguard against fading so colour tone stay pure & perky” even on BLEACHED hair, I got really excited!

For the last 4 weeks I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner.  Honestly…I have no idea if it’s working.  Do you know if your color protecting products work??  Or do they just keep our hair healthy which causes the color to hang on longer?

When I use hair care products I look for four things: smell, lather, moisture, and price.  In the case of Dumb Blonde, the lather is good; the intense vanilla smell is too girly for me; and my hair seems to be a little dry.  Since I haven’t had a good experience with it, the price is not an issue.  However, if my friend Kitty got her hands on this stuff, she would go crazy for it.   Her hair is a little bit oily, and she LOVES anything with vanilla fragrance.  To each her own :)

Maybe I’m missing the boat here on the whole color guard/safe/lockdown “technology.”  I just want my hair to be shiny and soft.  If there was a product that I could say without a doubt preserves hair color, I would pay a pretty penny for it.


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  • Maria Heinig

    Try the new Paul Mitchell hair product line. It’s called “Awapuhi Wild Ginger” and it is simply amazing!
    I got a Keratin Treatment at my hairdressers last week, which made my dry strands look like new and also made them super soft.
    I’m now useing the Shampoo and Conditioner of this line and my hair looks just great. I’m a blonde as well and was dealing with dry hair without shine… Let’s see how it goes but for now I am super happy with the result!

  • R.

    Aveda Blue Malva


    Mind you, I’m a natural blond, but my cousin who has highlights also uses it. It takes away that yellow-y tinge and hair is really soft and silky. I also have sensitive scalp and never had a problem with this shampoo. I have long hair and a liter bottle lasts me about a year. So great value for money too.

    • A lot of people say that the essential oils in aveda products clog their pores and cause acne. I’m guessing this has not been your experience. I LOVE the smell of Aveda products so I’ll try out your stuff.

  • bzb

    The more a shampoo lathers the more it wil dry your hair out, you want a shampoo with a little lather as you can get. Also you shouldnt use this dumb blonde shampoo(or any shampoo for that matter) every day. You should alternate shampoos every couple day. This shampoo is made to protect so it has protien in it for the hair and if you use it too often it will have the opposite effects and dry out hair or leave a film on the hair. The shampoo i love is “Its a 10”. It protects stops breakage and every few days i use a toning shampoo like Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde to refresh the highlights in my hair. Try these products but keep in mind that Its a 10 is very good for the hair so it will not lather like what you are used to but again lather is bad!!!

  • Rosie

    I get my hair highlighted several times a year so I really need something that is going to make my hair smooth and it not be dried out anymore. Shielo Hydrate conditioner has really helped in so many ways. For one I love the smell it is not strong but also not to weak it is the right amount of a smell. Another thing the Shielo Hydrate shampoo itself is not really thick it has a silky smooth feel to it. It lathers up really really well and cleans so well.

    Another thing is that you don’t have to keep rinsing your hair to get all of the shampoo it comes out very well. Also I have to little kids and one thing is really nice about this is that it is mild enough on the skin that you can use it to wash your little ones hair so that is a plus for me.