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The NYTimes started a tumblr!

April 6th, 2011 No Comments

Actually, T Magazine (the culturally-centered publication that comes with the Sunday Times) started a tumblr called “T on Tumblr.”  People will instantly love it because the posts are simple – amazing photographs of interesting and relevant people with one line of text.  It’s a brilliant way to begin because tumblrs love pretty, aspirational pictures.  That and snapshots of food.

Eventually, I hope T on Tumblr offers commentary from their writers, behind the scenes dialogue, pictures of their lunch, etc.  Something a little more personal, not just what we see in print.  Since it seems I’m making a list of requests, I’d also like the paper itself to start a tumblr.  If The Economist can play with the cool kids, the Times should not just get on swings, but instead dominate the playground.


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