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I’m totally screwed.

April 7th, 2011 1 Comment

Oh come on!  What’s the difference.  Isn’t slowing down always the right answer?!

In Texas you have to take the written driving test in order to get a license even if your current license from another state is still valid.  Totally stupid and a waste of time if you ask me.  The whole thing is a riddled with trick questions just to see if you read the book.

Of course I haven’t planned ahead, read the book, or studied, so now I’m down to the last day I can go in to do it.

I looked online to find tips or maybe a list of the trick questions.  You know what all of the sites said: STUDY. Ugh.

Fingers crossed for me!

Update: Apparently their policy has changed! So now I only have an hour wait. Thank goodness.

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  • Glenn

    Just scan the driving manual while waiting in line. Worked for me for the written test for a motorcycle license…