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What’s your summer brew? #BeerMe

April 7th, 2011 12 Comments

For a girl who appreciates a solid beer these days, but has no idea what’s available to her, I was hoping you could direct me to something light and delicious for summer time.

In this pic I’m drinking a Corona on ice with limes.  Yummy, but I want a beer with more character.

Something refreshing…on the sweet side….not too hopy….maybe something citrusy….


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  • Glenn

    Three good ones: St Arnold summer pils, New Belgium Skinny Dip, and Shock top for a more widely available brew.

    • Here comes Glenn from the Denver airport sharing his wisdom as he rolls his bag home. Haha. Love it Glenn. Thanks for coming over from Facebook. We look forward to more comments :)

  • Maura

    1) BlueMoon, my FAV summer beer
    2) 312
    3) Krank Shaft
    4) Magic Hat – Summerbrew

    These are my summer beer staples. They are light, fruity, and refreshing!

    • Maura,
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE BlueMoon and Magic Hat #9. I’ll have to try the others. Thanks for the list!

  • Kevin

    Your hometown of Houston has a couple of great places top check out beers. Start in Rice Village at The Ginger Man. Followed by a lovely jaunt Downtown to The Flying Saucer. And finish up with a tour and tasting at the St. Arnold’s Brewery. There are also a couple of BJ’s in the area. Namely one in Sugar Land and one down in the Clear Lake area on Bay Area Blvd. I’m sure you can find a great beer that you can enjoy all summer at one of those fine establishments. And don’t forget the many choices available at Spec’s Warehouse in Midtown.

    If you are looking for individual suggestions here are a couple. Not sure if you can find it in Houston, but Henry Weinhard’s Blackberry Wheat was always one of my favorites. Weinhard’s is from Portland, OR. Of course there are several offerings from the New Belgium Brewing Company from Colorado. My favorite is Fat Tire, generally better in draft form than from the bottle. St. Arnold’s Lawnmower is a really tasty treat. And don’t forget their seasonal offerings, currently it’s Summer Pils.

    And as always variety is the spice of life, so don’t stick with just one beer. Try them all! I know several “smaller” breweries offer variety packs of their beers.

    • Thanks Kevin! I want to make a trip to SA soon :)

  • Lauren

    St. Arnold Summer Pils is great, but the Texas Wheat is awesome! I love Fat Tire, but it would not be my New Belgium of choice for summer – try the Skinny Dip. 312 is also great, but Goose Island was just bought out by Anheuser Busch so I’m reserving my recommendation until I know the recipe won’t change. Also, check out Breckenridge Brewery’s Summerbright Ale (I’ve only found it at Spec’s here in Austin, so you may have to hunt).

  • Oberon made by Bells. It’s from Michigan so I’m not sure you’d be able to get it in TX … Similar to BlueMoon and Magic Hat but way better!

  • Kim

    My boyfriend is a home brewer…After being fortunate enough to taste several different types of lagers and ales I would strongly suggest a witbier. I like it because its not too hoppy and its light with the slightest hint of citrus. Since I drink homemade brews I can’t recommend a specific brand…just keep an eye out for a witbier. Enjoy!

    • Wow, that must be fun! Is it difficult to brew at home?? Do you help or just enjoy?? :)

  • Jonathan W

    I would definitely suggest Bombshell Blonde brewed out in Conroe at the Southern Star Brewery. It is a tad creamy, but still light. It is slightly hoppy and has a great overall taste. This is popping up everywhere and is becoming very popular. Plus, your blonde, so I figured you would like the name.

  • Brent

    Keep the theme Mexico…a Tecate Light iced n’ lime’d or for boldness and adventure..Negra Modelo iced—lime’d with a crush of mint in a tall hand friendly glass…let steep then hold glass to forehead close eyes and be carried away to Your Personal Enchantment…then awake to moment at hand and sip a cool refreshing full-body beer….also go great with a sub for Guiness in a Mexican Irish Car Bomb…