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5 Pro Tips to Creating The Perfect Cat Eye. Karla’s secrets revealed!

April 12th, 2011 5 Comments

Amazing eyes right?!

I can’t take any of the credit unfortunately.  Karla from Chanel (at Neiman Marcus in Houston) is one of the BEST artists in town.  When I have an event, I call her immediately to see if she can squeeze me in.

Last week, I told her I wanted something dramatic and blue….but not TOO blue.  I wasn’t ready to jump on board with 60’s blue eye shadow revival completely.  Above you see the stunning look she created.  My outfit was beautiful and sophisticated (pic to follow so you can see my Timo Weiland couture silk skirt!), but the makeup sealed the deal for the ensemble.

Spring and summer are the seasons to lighten up your look, but for those special nights out, weddings, whatever, you’re going to want something more dramatic.

Here are five tips to creating a smokey cat eye that isn’t overbearing.

1.  Cat-Eye Extension (Pink)

Karla extended my eye using the line from my lower lash NOT the upper to guide the line.  That’s why it looked natural when I opened my eye.  Other people couldn’t tell I had a “cat-eye.”  Then she used that end point as the juncture for the eyeliner and crease shadow instead of the end of my eye.

2.  Gradual Liner (Blue)

Instead of one thick line along my lashes, she started thin and then gradually increased the thickness of the shadow.  At the base of my lash she used a pencil, then to create a softer effect, used a liner brush with navy shimmer shadow.  Avoid using black when you’re using thick liner because it will close your eye.  By using navy, deep purple, brown, or charcoal, you’ll achieve the dramatic effect.

3. Color Combos (Green)

In order to maintain the depth in your eye, you need multiple colors.  Starting at the crease, you’ll use the darkest shade which can be any color (navy, charcoal, deep purple, brown, or lighter hues).  Then as you move toward the brow, the colors get lighter and more natural – shades of brown, bronze, beige, or taupe – ending with a nice creme under the brow.

In the picture, you see Karla went from navy to bronze, to beige, to creme.

DO NOT USE WHITE under your brow.

4.  Platinum Highlights (Orange)

To insure that the opening of your eye doesn’t look smaller and your lid doesn’t look heavy, use platinum or almost white to create highlights where the light will catch it and reflect off.

Karla used a white pearlized pencil on the inside of my lower lash, and plantinum shadow towards the front of my eye to keep my eyes bright.

5.  Blue Mascara

Blue makeup is a big trend for spring and summer.  But if you don’t want to wipe it on your lid, consider blue mascara.

Karla used navy and a bright turquoise here to give my eye a blue hue because I wanted the look to be subtle.

If blue isn’t your color, consider eggplant or purple (which work especially well for green or hazel eyes).

One final look at the finished product.

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  • Jen

    The eye is fantastic but what I really noticed was the lip color. Do you know the name? I’m assuming the brand is Chanel.

    • Not sure… I’ll ask and post it. I love it too! That strong baby pink (instead of something sheer) is so unexpected and refreshing these days.

  • Jessie

    I love the lip color too! And they eyes look great… will have to try this next time I go out :)

  • Jessesgirl

    honestly i prefer you without the makeup. this looks outdated in how overdone it is, very eighties, a tad too Dynasty for me. then again it is texas, i guess (i’m from there).

  • Mary, the shimmery eye makeup looks amazing but the lip color is fabulous– love the look!