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Who’s pulling off the mid-length full skirt?

April 12th, 2011 1 Comment

Just wondering who is making the hottest spring trend work for them?

I’ve met ONE girl – Bridgette the concierge at Tooties – who can pull off this vintage look.  But on most 20 and 30-something women, it looks so marmy to me.

The shorter version looks a little school girl for those of us who are tall, but is super cute one shorter women. Or hipsters chicks, they can pull off anything.

The full length isn’t bad and because it’s super comfy, I might find one I love (whether it’s cute or not!)

I’m loving slim jersey full length skirts right now.  Very 2002, but it works and is super comfy.

For more on this look, check out slideshows from Refinery 29 and Fashionista.

The pics above are from a UK shopping site called asos.  They’ve found some great pieces and ship worldwide.

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  • Lindsey Rae

    No one seems to have picked up this trend in Richmond yet, but I’m on business in Baltimore this week and this look is EVERYWHERE! I was surprised, considering that this town is not exactly known for being fashion-forward. I’m seeing a lot of fitted tops and flats worn with these skirts, although the cutest looks I’ve seen have been paired with wedges.