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The lipstick you LOVED!

April 19th, 2011 3 Comments

As much as you loved the artistic cat eye that Karla created, you went crazy for the lipstick!

After looking at the pictures again, I did too.  So I went back to Neimans and asked Karla what color she used.  Like any good artist, she mixed and matched a few to get the perfect shade.

  • YSL Rose Romantique #146
  • Chanel “Chance”
  • Chanel “Boy”

The main color was the first YSL.  So I tried that one on by itself and I’ll tell you, it’s BOLD.  Like, a nighttime party pink with a matte finish; not something you would wear everyday.  Although, it’s a statement that will make an outfit – like bright red or hot pink, just softer.

For more frequent use, I bought “Evasion” from their new Coco Shine collection and “Genie” Rouge Allure gloss.

Evasion (on the left) is much more neutral and sheer than what I wore that night, but it has a nice pink hue that I don’t have much of in my arsenal already.  (For some reason it looks more orange here than pink.) The coral Genie gloss is THE COLOR of the season and enhances your lips (without being too aggressive) against blue, yellow, white, and black clothes.

(BTW…those are my lashes!!!)

*Karla works at the Chanel counter at Neiman Marcus in Houston.  If you’re looking for the most talented artist in your city, here’s my suggestion.  Go up to the designer floor and ask a sales woman who she refers her clients to.  It’s they’re job to know who the best is so they won’t lead you astray.

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  • Julia

    OT: Whoa! Your sister got cast in The Hunger Games movie. That is so so so cool!!

  • Allison

    Whoa. I like the lips, but must you use so much moisturizer/powder/concealer/foundation/crap on your skin? You spend so much money injecting toxins into your body to make yourself look younger but then you go ahead and make yourself look 40 with the amount of product on your face. This happened to me this weekend and I ran home and washed my face. Let your skin breathe a little.

    • Of course I don’t wear that kind of makeup on a normal day. But when I know the lights will be low and I’m being photographed then it’s ok to go heavy.

      I took that picture in the natural light of day! Of course I look like a clown!