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My first banh mi – EVER!

April 21st, 2011 2 Comments

OMGoodness, I have been missing out!

Friends have told me that Vietnamese food is super fresh and healthy, but I never dared try it on my own (mostly because I have no idea where the restaurants are in Houston).

I saw people devouring this bad boy outside of Agora and I was in line to order from the food truck next door immediately.  GOOD decision. I loved every bite of fresh lettuce, cucumber spears, jalapenos, cilantro, pickled carrots, and roasted chicken topped with Hoi Sin and mustard.  The sandwich is actually a huge hoagie which I downed in one breath.

So excited to try more Vietnamese! I know that makes me sound sheltered…but I grew up eating steak, potatoes, and brownies which is why food if such a fun adventure for me.

If you’re in Houston, I scored this banh mi, which they call “The Bomb,” at the Eatsie Boys food truck next to Augora coffee on Westheimer.  Get there early because they have been known to run out of chicken.

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  • BA

    You should try Les Givrals on Washington. Their food is fantastic and they’re open really late on the weekends (3 am).

  • M

    Seriously that looks DELISH next time I’m at Agora I need to try one!