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Quick travel tips to help you save NOW!

April 22nd, 2011 No Comments

I’ve been writing and researching like crazy for upcoming travel articles for the Chronicle.

Obviously I can’t publish what I’ve written here first, but I wanted to give you a few quick tips you can use to save on your summer vacations.

Most of these idears are from Gary Leff of BookYourAward.com.  For the nominal fee of $250, he’ll help you use your miles fly around the world first class for less than the price of an economy ticket.  He’s been known to book a $23k ticket to Thailand for only 150k miles.  That’s impressive!

Here are our suggestions to help you save:

  1. Don’t use miles to fly domestically.
  2. See the best deals in travel here!
  3. Buy one, get one for almost free when you sign up for the Alaskan Airlines Visa, you’ll get a companion ticket to anywhere in the world for $99 without restrictions when you purchase one at full price.
  4. Track flight fares on Yapta.com.
  5. Schedule a flight you think you’ll get bumped from to get the airline credit.
  6. Shop online to earn miles. Find retailers on airline websites.
  7. Use airline specials. Follow airlines on twitter instead of email subscriptions.

(Photo taken with Hipstamatic in Playa del Carmen)

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