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Oh. My. Goodness.

April 29th, 2011 7 Comments

The view from my room at The Rosewood!

I have to say I was a little disappointed San Miguel isn’t on the beach, but sitting on my terrace (which is bigger than one of my NYC apartments), is pretty amazing.  It looks like Italy!!

No clue what those purple trees are called, but I’m going to find out.  Wow….

(Full disclosure: Rosewood provided generous media rate in exchange for an honest review.)

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  • Wow amazing to se this city again… I went there when I was younger and thought the same thing when I found out it is not on the beach, however what an amazing place! If you have time and can find one I recommend a local tour of homes. I did one and was amazed to see the beautiful homes behind the “walls” of the streets. Enjoy your time and I hope that you love it, I promise once you get past the no beach it really is a magical place that I want to return to one day! Also the local art scene is amazing and well priced! Have fun and enjoy!


  • absolutely love the purple trees!!!

  • Ellen

    They are called jacaranda trees. Beautiful!

  • Stacey

    From a distance, those purple trees look like jacaranda. There are lots of them in southern California too. They are one of my favorite trees. Enjoy your stay!

    • Yep, jacaranda trees! I never realized how many there are in SoCal while I was living there….

  • Leah

    Cool! Is your media rate just a discounted rate or is it fully comped? Do you have to pay your own airfare or does your newspaper cover it. I am a freelance writer as well and just curious.

    • It all depends on the hotel actually. And of course how badly they want to featured in a specific publication. If I wasn’t writing for a newspaper, then the whole trip could be comped. That’s how many writers get around when they write for magazines.

      Here’s how I do it: I always pitch the story before I go to make sure my editor is interested in the location and then reach out to hotels if they haven’t already extended an offer to me. Even though they give me a huge discount, I never promise a favorable review. For instance, my review of The Intercontinental in Cozumel was hardly complementary.

      Honesty is the most important element to writing travel. If your audience doesn’t trust your opinion, then your articles don’t have any value for the destination, hotels, restaurants, the publication, and most importantly your readers.