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Saturday at my house

May 7th, 2011 1 Comment

6:30 am  – Devoured pineapple chunks (Collen says it’s helps balance your body’s pH AND it’s delicious)

6:45 am – Watched the latest episode of Brother’s & Sisters

7:30 am – Took Mason for along walk

8:45 am – Raw oatmeal mix with milk

9:00 am – Started running errands

10:30 am – Practiced with Stacey at Joy Yoga

11:50 am – Arrived at Farmer’s Market to find it closing down

12:00pm – Shopped amidst chaos at Central Market

12:45 pm – Cooked unexpectedly delicious turkey concoction (details to come on Thursday – MTM food day)

1:30 pm – Started blogging while reading a Mark Bittman article on Paris restaurants (not sure if that’s a compliment to him or not….)

1:45 pm – Poured a glass of mediocre chardonnay and ate a Kit Kat. Because, why not? (Don’t answer that.)

1:50 pm – Looked at kitchen, noticed it’s a mess, and realized I really just want to take a nap.

Now – planning nap.

Later – Fitting for Miriam’s Leukemia benefit on Thursday, pool with Kim, pool party with Mom.

Night night – early!

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  • kim

    i’ll be at the LLS event, too! :)