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I finally found the perfect mother’s day card

May 8th, 2011 1 Comment

I finally found the perfect Mother’s Day card!

Most of my friends like my mom more than me, so I’m glad I don’t have to fight the through the crowd.  She has a sense of humor that won’t quit and the most infectious spirit.  It’s really hard to be in a bad mood around her!!

Honestly, I am blessed to have not one, but two amazing mothers. Kind and supportive, unconditionally forgiving, patient beyond belief, and brutally honest, both my mom and stepmother are my source of strength.  When I reach out, they are there with nothing but love and a helping hand. I couldn’t live without either.

Today, I honestly feel like it’s my day…I am the benefactor from all of their love and there is not one material thing I could buy to reciprocate that.  I just hope they know that I want to be the same source of love and support that they are for me.

Thank you Mom.  Thank you Karen.  I love you xxx

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  • Mom

    I love you back, Baby!!!! oxoxo