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I’ve planned out your workout schedule for the week!

May 9th, 2011 No Comments

For those of you who aren’t feeling motivated to get in gear this week, I’m going to take the guess work out of your exercise schedule.

As I tell my riders, “Don’t think, just do it.”

Monday – Add Intensity

It’s the start of the week so hopefully you’ve already planned a time to workout.  Since I can’t change that at this point, I’m just going to tell you to intensify your routine.  Add 5 pounds to the weight you’re lifting.  Add 10 minutes to your cardio.

Even if you’re workout today is a class, stay afterwards and do shoulder raises with 5 pound weights and squats until your literally want to drop.  It will only take about 7 minutes if you pushed yourself in the class.

Tuesday – Rise and Shine

When you wake up, roll out of bed onto the floor and do 30 crunches. Then turn over and do 20 pushups.  Now that you’re warm, stand up and do 20 squats.  Repeat this routine two more times, adding 10 reps for each exercise.

Your heart should be pumping and you should be ready to reach for water and fresh juice, not a double soy latte.

If you get in a real workout today, I’ll be proud of you!

Wednesday – Cardio Burn

Plan a time for 45 minutes of cardio today, I don’t care how you get it.  Run, bike, spin, or swim.  When you’re done, pick up 2-5 lb weights and get those arms moving with shoulder presses, shoulder raises, punches, culrs, tricep pushes, etc. Keep switching the movement to target a different muscle group so you can go for about 7 minutes.

Thursday – Yoga

Find a class, pay for it, and commit yourself to the 90 minutes.  Use the time to focus on how your body feels, what you’ve accomplished for yourself thus far, and how you want to finish the week.  Allow your mind to wander and find it’s genuine focus.

Friday – Finish Strong

Complete the Tuesday morning “Rise and Shine” routine.

Hopefully in yoga you realized what you really wanted to be doing during your precious exercise time.  So that’s what you do today.  For at least an hour with added intensity.

Saturday – Have Fun

Nope, it’s not time for a day off yet.  Today I want you to enjoy exercising.  Take a walk or jog with the dogs, play a sport, take a class you’ve been dying to try.  Anything that seems pleasurable and not painful that will get your heart going.  Aim for at least 20 minutes.

Sunday – Rest

The hardest thing for me to do is to slow down during a workout to recover.  Just like when you’re lifting, your muscles need a time to rest so they can push through the next set.  The same holds true in terms of your week.

Smile.  Allow yourself to feel optimistic and energized.

Take a nap.  Let your mind reset and bring a new focus to the forefront.

Eat well.  Listen to what your body wants, not what you think you should be eating.

Read.  Opt for a book instead of the tv and rekindle your imagination.

Sleep.  Surrender to the day early and finish your restoration with a sense of peace.

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