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The Best Zara Dress Ever!

May 10th, 2011 4 Comments

This is one of the most satisfying dresses I’ve ever bought.  Business in the front, party in the back.  And totally cheap!

Remember when I posted about wearing my white Alaia dress with 3 shoe options and the Erica Courtney bling?  Well, I decided against it when I stumbled upon this little number in Zara.  I was going for sophisticated and sexy and this dress fit the bill perfectly!

Instantly I realized I could wear it to the upcoming event AND every wedding I’m attending this summer (as well as the next).  My guess was that the price would be around $150.  To my surprise it was half of that! Even though they didn’t have my size, I bought the medium and had it overnight altered for $45. 

For $135 I walked away with a classic dress that fit like a glove!

The dress on its own is nice.  Pair it with statement shoes, and the ensemble is lovely. BTW, can you believe I found these Nine West heels years ago at DSW?! I replaced the ankle strap with a satin ribbon to make them more notable.

But I went for the home run with Erica Courtney earrings she was kind enough to let me borrow.

OMGoodness, stunning, aren’t they?!  Obviously the icing on the cake.

You probably wouldn’t reach for a jewel tone accessory to pair with bright coral, but the combo worked really well because of the white diamonds.  You can always count on white or black trim to serve as a border between bold colors.

Botttom line: YOU NEED THIS DRESS. Get info here and call to buy it while you can. Thank me later.

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  • Love this dress! I have been looking for a low-back dress for some upcoming events. My only concern is the whole undergarment issue, does this dress have a built in bra, etc?

  • Jessie

    What’s your bra situation with this dress? I feel like that would be the challenge…

  • Jessie,

    No bra. I rarely wear one :)

    But if you need the support then one of the sticky strapless ones might work.

  • i went to zara yesterday after your post, and they’ve already sold out of this red backless dress! absolutely love your bling, as well :)