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An “expert” traveler agrees it’s safe to travel to Mexico

May 13th, 2011 1 Comment

Robert Reid, a travel editor for Lonely Planet, wrote an article titled “Why you should go to Mexico” for CNN this week. It gives a little more insight into what I’ve been saying all along.  The places you want to visit that I have blogged about are NOT in the war zone.  In fact they’re far from it. He states:

“Yet it’s in the 17 of 31 states not named in the newly expanded warnings where you’ll find the most rewarding destinations: the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California beach resorts, colonial hill towns like the ex-pat haven of San Miguel de Allende, even the capital Mexico City.”

Playa del Carmen, which I have been blogging about for over a year now, is in the heart of the Yucatan; Cabo is in Baja; and San Miguel is in central Mexico.

“The [Yucantan] state, with roughly the same population as Kansas, saw two drug-related deaths in 2010. Wichita, Kansas, alone had six gang-related killings over the same period.”

I can honestly say I feel safer in Playa and San Miguel than I do in Houston where friends are jumped at their cars and apartments in my building are frequently burglarized.

Mexico – the destinations and its people – have so much more charm and character than most give them credit for.  I hope you’re able to venture there at some point this year to see for yourself.  Not to mention, t’s one of the easiest and cheapest vacations you’ll find!

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  • Caity

    I went on vacation to Cancun with a female cousin at the end of March and had a fabulous time. I was shocked at how many people were scandalized when I told them I was vacationing in Mexico and honestly feared for my safety. All of the places that you mention above beautiful and great vacation destinations. Like I told my friends and coworkers who “feared for my life” before I left, as long as you have some common sense, don’t hail random taxis on the street – get them from a stand or your hotel, don’t flash a lot of money, stay out of the dark alleys at night, and try and keep a pretty low-key profile, you will have a fabulous Mexican vacation!