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Making the investment in fitness accessories

May 16th, 2011 3 Comments

I think an explanation as to why I invested the yoga mat would be helpful for you in making these decisions for yourself.

As I started going to yoga more frequently, I knew I would enjoy the experience so much more if I had a quality mat.  So I threw down $69 without hestitation.

I might have passed and continued to borrow mats from the studio if I didn’t wear wear spin shoes when I ride instead of running shoes.

Over a decade a go, I bought my first pair of spin shoes reluctantly.  I was spinning 3 times a week, and everyone insisted my ride would improve if I was able to clip into the pedals.  After only a few minutes wearing the shoes, I could tell a BIG difference.  The sturdy shoes with clips allowed me to:

  • Feel connected to the bike
  • Create a full circle pushing and pulling on the pedal
  • Increase my speed
  • Push more weight
  • Use my energy more efficiently
  • Move forwards and backwards with more confidence and power
  • Raise and lower myself to and from the saddle gracefully
  • Decrease the tension on my knees

Now I refuse to spin without them! Click here for my very simple advice on buying spin shoes.

Likewise, the Lululemon yoga mat with its latex top has greatly improved my practice.  Because it’s sticky, I:

  • Don’t slip when I sweat
  • Attempt more challenging poses without fear of slipping
  • Don’t have to bring a towel

I’m sure there are more benefits and I look forward to discovering them.

Here’s the best part about fitness accessories – THEY LAST FOREVER! I’ve had my current pair of spin shoes for 5 years.  That number would be double if I hadn’t misplaced the first pair.  The mat will last for years as well.  Other equipment that won’t expire: hand weights, a bosu ball, and TRX bands.

So if you’re serious about your practices and want to grow your experience beyond the basics, I highly recommend investing in quality products to support it.


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  • Ed

    As I understand it, the pedals/clips used are Shimano SPD compatible (Soul Cycle indicates this on their site), which is also used on a large number of mountain and cyclocross bicycles today. I even use SPD pedals on my road bike. You can find a very wide selection of SPD compatible shoes in any good bike shop (retail or online). I’ve gotten great deals on some SPD compatible shoes at http://www.chainlove.com.

    This is not to say you should be tracking into a studio with your muddy mountain bike shoes!

  • Jessie

    Nice post. I have invested in a variety of sports gear over the years. The cost of gear is something that has kept me away from doing triathlons, unfortunately. I do a lot of road races– all you need are sneakers. Triathlons intrigue me, but I can’t justify spending a lot of money on a wetsuit, bike, etc. if I might not like the race!

    • I hear you Jessie.

      Start training for the part you are most interested in first with a friend who is a pro. You should be able to get a sense of where your heart lies as you grow stronger in the area you like the most. It might motivate you to do more OR you’ll realize 1) you’re content where you are or 2) your body might not be physically capable of the whole thing.

      Whatever the case, absolutely give it a shot then decide.