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My new fitness toy

May 16th, 2011 7 Comments

Text message to my friend Kristen today:

Finally bought a mat. Went with Lululemon not Manduka.  A-MAZING. Latex gets more sticky when you sweat  – no towel needed. Not crazy $$ either.  LOVE!

Pretty much all you need to know.

For travelers, mat owners, and non-committers, try the skiddless latex mat (it’s the top part of the one I talk about above) to put over a basic one.

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  • Allison

    Are you *serious*? $98 for a yoga mat isn’t insane? Come on, Mary. Get a grip on reality (no pun intended).

    • The Lululemon yoga mat is $68 actually. And you don’t have to buy a sticky toe towel ($55) to go over it. If you buy a cheaper mat and sweat, you will absolutely need the absorbent towel so it works out to almost be the same.

      As I pointed out, the mat also lasts for years!

  • Whiskas

    I am not rich by any means (working at my temp job in a Target dress and H+M shoes right now), but I have a $100 yoga mat (Jade Harmony, FTW). When you are serious about your practice, your $20 TJ Maxx sticky mat that isn’t really sticky or cushioning just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Sadly, that’s how much a good yoga mat costs. Would you balk at spending $100 running shoes and suggest people risk injury and buy their shoes at Payless? It’s an investment in your health and practice.

  • Whiskas

    Also, Original Commenter, do you have any idea how nasty studio mats are? Have you ever seen the foot funk on them from other people’s feet doing yoga? Have you ever smelled one?

    Mary: I feel you on the spin shoes. I resisted for a long time, but I picked up a pair for $30 from a bike shop that was going out of business. HOLY GAME CHANGER. Not only do I get a harder work out bc my body is positioned like it’s supposed to be, but I feel like I am flying.

    • Sounds like you and I are on the same page Whiskas. Thanks for sharing your insight and experience.

  • Allison

    I tried the Manduka mat when I took a free class at Lululemon this morning and I slid all over the place. Definitely not buying that mat.

    And I wouldn’t know how gross studio mats are. I bring my own mat to YogaWorks and I never slip on it! I think when I am going to invest in a new mat, I’m going with Hugger Mugger. It’s more reasonably priced.

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