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How do you clean out your closet without trashing all of your old favorites??

May 17th, 2011 5 Comments

Later today (around 12 EST) I’m going to be selling more of my designer clothes and accessories along with pieces from my mom’s designer consignment store ON MY TUMBLR.

After cleaning out my closet for about a month now, I’ve found tumblr is the most efficient way to pass on clothes and make a little money doing so.  As a test, I also tried:

  • Selling designer items on eBay
  • Taking barely worn pieces to a consignment store
  • Unloading a bunch of stuff at Buffalo Exchange
  • Posting accessories on tumblr
  • Dropping off anything else at Goodwill

Obviously Goodwill is the easiest, but I have a hard time just giving away Prada heels, ya know?  Buffalo Exchange comes next, but they only give you 30% of their retail price if you take cash over a store credit. If you shop there, you  know that everything seems to be under $30 so that 30% is not much.

Selling the Prada heels on tumblr for $40 to a reader who will love them felt more satisfying emotionally and financially.  Even though I have to pack them up and ship them, I just felt better about the whole thing.

In the past I’ve had a garage sale, but right now, I don’t have a garage or live in a neighborhood where that would be effective.

How do you do to get rid of clothes you love but are just not into anymore?

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  • Sarah

    ebay, but it’s a huge PITA.

  • Leah

    Nice stuff, but how did you end up with so much stuff that’s new or never been worn, but doesn’t have the tags on it?

    • Some of it is from my Mom’s designer consignment store. When it closed, her customers left the clothes. She donated most of it and has been selling other pieces on eBay. Since this sale went so well, we’re going to do it again next month!

  • Jessesgirl

    Mary, great idea, I would love to try this myself. How are you doing it exactly? I don’t see a Paypal button. Are people sending you personal checks? How do you make sure they are not ripping you off?

    • Jessesgirl,

      Some of my readers I’ve been emailing with for a while so I put them on the honor system to mail me a check. None of them let me down during the first sale.

      This time I accepted paypal because there was just too much to keep up with. The fee is small. I charged shipping based on USPS flat rate boxes and made most of the labels on their website.

      Don’t get me wrong, it was time consuming because I wrapped everything and wrote notes, not to mention the back and forth emailing. But I had fun and my readers did too.

      I hope they send me pics!